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Support the Act to Eliminate Poverty

You can support the Act to Eliminate Poverty with this petition: http://static.makepovertyhistory.ca/documents/BILL_C545_Petition.pdf

This is an old fashioned paper petition, not an electronic one like we usually ask you to sign. This petition conforms with House of Commons rules so that it can be presented in the House of Commons by Members of Parliament. There is a 15 minute period in the House of Commons Agenda every day for MPs to present petitions. MPs are honour bound by parliamentary tradition to present petitions from their constituents, whether they agree with the petition or not.

By asking as many MPs as possible to present this Bill C-545 Petition we can send a strong message to the MP and to Parliament that there are many voters in his or her riding and across Canada that care about poverty and want their government to take leadership to do something about it.

If this act is passed, the federal government would be required to develop a poverty reduction plan that includes reduction targets and timetables. It requires that the plan be developed with input from civil society groups and people living in poverty. The act also requires regular reports on progress.

Act now and urge your MP to support Bill C-545, an Act to Eliminate Poverty.

Sisters in Spirit – Sign the Petition

WHEREAS: The Native Women’s Association of Canada, as part of their Sisters in Spirit campaign, has identified 520 missing and murdered Aboriginal women whose cases go back to 1970; the equivalent in the whole Canadian population would be 18,000 missing or murdered women. This research has convinced the following Canadians that violence against Aboriginal women must be stopped and that we need to find the strategies, resources and tools to stop women from disappearing.
We, the undersigned, call upon the Parliament of Canada to: ensure NWAC receives sufficient funding to continue its important work protecting women through its Sisters in Spirit initiative and to invest in initiatives recommended by NWAC to help prevent more women from disappearing.

Simply print and circulate for signatures.