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CFUW calls for Government to address funding gaps for First Nations Students

CFUW, “Address the Education Gaps Now”

OTTAWA, October 1, 2010 – The Canadian Federation of University Women (CFUW) support the Assembly of First Nations in their campaign for quality education for First Nations children. As a national organization that promotes education and equality, CFUW urges the government of Canada to address the education funding gaps that disadvantage First Nations children. These gaps, calculated to be $3000 per student create unequal access and quality of education that have been a result of the federal government’s failure to act.

For First Nations children to reach their maximum potential the Government needs to uphold their responsibility and ensure that there is a commitment to early childhood education, school infrastructure and equipment, books, school libraries and information technology resources, student assessment facilities, skills development and a culturally sensitive curriculum.

“This is a matter of justice and responsibility; the government must address these gaps before another generation of First Nations children is denied access to quality education,” said Brenda Wallace, CFUW National President. “CFUW is committed to standing with the AFN and First Nations groups across the country on this issue.”


For more information contact:

Liette Michaud, CFUW Education Committee Chair, 450-465-3038


Budget 2010 – Leaving Women Out

Budget Leaves Women Out

Canadian Federation of University Women

OTTAWA, March 4, 2010 – “Thursday’s budget offers very little support for women.  In fact it has really left women behind,” says Susan Russell, Executive Director of the Canadian Federation of University Women (CFUW). Ms. Russell concluded, “On the issues that would lift women out of economic recession and poverty this budget is shamefully silent.”

The budget, which has been described as satisfactory by the business community can only be given a failing grade by women because it fails to consider the gender bias inherent in the stimulus spending. This bias was revealed in a study conducted by Queen’s Professor, Kathleen Lahey this week.  The study showed that women have only received about 7 to 22 per cent of federal infrastructure spending, as the spending has been focused in physical infrastructure projects where women are underrepresented in employment. Increased spending in social infrastructure and mandated employment equity in projects funded by the stimulus would begin to reverse this bias. Canada cannot begin to recover economically if half of its population is left behind.

Much-needed childcare spaces were not included in the budget. While increasing the child tax benefit for single parents may help some families, many women find it difficult to access quality childcare and when they do, it is a serious financial burden that limits their ability to participate in the workforce. The government has again missed out on an opportunity to provide economic stimulus though providing the social infrastructure of childcare that would benefit and employ women across the country.

The additional funding for ending violence against Aboriginal Women must be allocated to the Sisters in Spirit Initiative.  The CFUW calls on the government to allocate this funding to the Sisters in Spirit immediately.

Finance Minister Flaherty predicted that his budget would create a, “… a Canada in which our children and grandchildren will surpass us.” Yet without a strategy to end the poverty experienced by almost 1 child in 6 in Canada this will not happen. Without spending in key areas like childcare and a national housing strategy, women’s economic inequality will continue. This budget has failed to invest in women and to take on the work of building a prosperous and inclusive future for all Canadians.

CFUW is a non-partisan, voluntary, self-funded, non-governmental organization of about 10,000 women university graduates in 118 Clubs across Canada.  CFUW works to improve the status of women and girls, education, peace, and human rights.  CFUW holds special consultative status at the United Nations and serves on the Sectoral Committee on Education of the Canadian Commission for UNESCO.  CFUW is the largest of 79 national affiliates of the International Federation of University Women (IFUW).


Contact: Susan Russell, Executive Director, Canadian Federation of University Women

613 234 8252