CFUW Releases Early Learning and Child Care Videos Ahead of Election

Ottawa – August 17, 2015 – The Canadian Federation of University Women (CFUW) is pleased to announce the release of seven videos on YouTube on the subject of early learning and child care. These videos were recorded at the CFUW Guelph Community Child Care Forum, organized to bring awareness to the importance of early childhood education and the serious lack of quality licensed child care spaces in Canada.

“The release of these videos is timely with the upcoming 2015 election”, said Doris Mae Oulton, President of CFUW. “They are intended not only to raise awareness about the role of different levels of government in providing child care support but also to encourage people to engage their candidates in supporting an effective national child care policy”.

The videos feature the following speakers:

Martha Friendly, Executive Director of the Child Care Resource and Research Unit – who addresses the federal role in child care:

Martha Friendly -The Vision of Early Childhood Education and Care

Martha Friendly -Why Childcare Doesn’t Work in Canada

Martha Friendly – The Patchwork Quilt of Childcare

Martha Friendly – Turning the Vision into Reality

Zeenat Janmohamed, faculty member in the School of Early Childhood at George Brown College and visiting Scholar at the Atkinson Centre for Society and Child Development at the University of Toronto, who talks about Ontario’s move to integrate child care into the Ministry of Education:

Zeenat Janmohamed – Changes in Ontario

Zeenat Janmohamed – The Survey on Childcare

Lorna Reid, Director of the Early Child Care and Learning Centre at University of Guelph, who talks about the challenges operators face in meeting the needs of families.

Lorna Reid – Childcare – Getting it Right in Ontario

CFUW is a non-partisan, voluntary, self-funded organization with over 100 CFUW Clubs, located in every province across Canada. Since its founding in 1919, CFUW has been working to improve the status of women, and to promote human rights, public education, social justice, and peace.

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For more information please contact Tara Fischer, at or 613-234-8252 ext. 106

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