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Child care can boost the economy

In the weeks leading up to the 2011 Budget CFUW would like to see  federal investment in a national child care program for families and to strengthen the economy.

Investing in child care provides the greatest economic benefit of all sectors of the Canadian economy:

  • Biggest job creator: investing $1 million in childcare would create 40 jobs: at least 43% more jobs than the next highest industry and four times the number of jobs generated by $1 million in construction spending.
  • Strong economic stimulus: every dollar invested in childcare increases the economy’s output (GDP) by $2.30. This is one of the highest GDP impacts of all major sectors.

Canadian governments have invested considerable amounts in infrastructure and construction industry stimulus during the past year. This study shows that investments in our social infrastructure, and especially in child care are critical and provide a much stronger economic boost.

To read more from our partners at CUPE, click here.

Child Care Rally & Women’s Choice (May Update)

May was a busy month!

National Office took part in two rallies, the first for Affordable, Quality Childcare on Mother’s Day weekend organized by the Ad-Hoc Coalition for Women’s Equality and Human Rights. Although it was a rainy Saturday, we were joined by CUPE local 2204 ( Child Care Workers,) the local chapter of ACORN Canada, families and Child Care supporters.  Member of Parliament, Olivia Chow gave a great speech about her Child Care bill that is before the House of Commons and wished all of the Mothers and Child Care Workers a Happy Mother’s Day!

Olivia Chow gives a great speech on Parliament Hill on Child Care.

The rally also featured the talent of the women of CUPE 2204 who, with the Raging Grannies, led the protesters in singing satirical Children’s songs written by Claire Tremblay of the Coalition (see one below).

Later in the month National Office attended the pro-choice presence at the annual Anti-Choice Rally on Parliament Hill. While this event was more serious, it was important to show our support for accessible, legal and safe abortion and above all the right for women to choose.

Supporters of Choice.

Check out photos from the rallies here.

(To the Tune of Mary had a Little Lamb)

Harper had a child care scam

Child care scam, child care scam

Harper had a child care scam

Which was against the rules

He gave all families

Three dollars a day, three dollars a day

He gave all families three dollars a day

And said that should do

To pay your child care costs each day

Costs each day, costs each day

To pay your child care costs each day

Harper we’re not fooled!