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Status of Women Act: Sign the Petition

The Canadian Federation of University Women (CFUW) welcomes the private members bill that will give Status of Women Canada a legislated mandate. CFUW congratulates Member of Parliament, Irene Mathyssen, Status of Women Critic for the New Democratic Party, for this great initiative.

Since 2006 women’s groups have been under a systematic attack; the de-funding of women’s organizations, the cancellation of the Court Challenges Program, hundreds of requests for research funding denied, attacks on pay equity, and Status of Women offices closed and understaffed.  These actions have taken place while Canada continues to see a large wage gap and systemic violence against women resulting in hundreds of women missing or murdered without justice served.  What is worse is that Status of Women Canada has fewer resources and no government plan to deal with these problems head on.

Mathyssen’s bill (C-581) will work to ensure that Status of Women Canada remains a federal institution that can work independently of political influence to promote and protect women’s human rights.

CFUW calls on all political parties to support this bill and women’s equality.

Print off and circulate petitions in support of this bill, click here to download the petition.