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CFUW calls for Government to address funding gaps for First Nations Students

CFUW, “Address the Education Gaps Now”

OTTAWA, October 1, 2010 – The Canadian Federation of University Women (CFUW) support the Assembly of First Nations in their campaign for quality education for First Nations children. As a national organization that promotes education and equality, CFUW urges the government of Canada to address the education funding gaps that disadvantage First Nations children. These gaps, calculated to be $3000 per student create unequal access and quality of education that have been a result of the federal government’s failure to act.

For First Nations children to reach their maximum potential the Government needs to uphold their responsibility and ensure that there is a commitment to early childhood education, school infrastructure and equipment, books, school libraries and information technology resources, student assessment facilities, skills development and a culturally sensitive curriculum.

“This is a matter of justice and responsibility; the government must address these gaps before another generation of First Nations children is denied access to quality education,” said Brenda Wallace, CFUW National President. “CFUW is committed to standing with the AFN and First Nations groups across the country on this issue.”


For more information contact:

Liette Michaud, CFUW Education Committee Chair, 450-465-3038