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Support Bill C-393: Canada’s Access to Medicines Regime

What is Bill C-393 all about?

In 2004, Parliament responded to the urgent need for medicines in many developing countries by creating “Canada’s Access to Medicines Regime” (CAMR), with the goal of getting affordable medicines to people in the developing world. Unfortunately, that laudable initiative was, and is, seriously flawed.

But now there is a chance to fix it! Bill C-393 aims to reform CAMR and make it easier to easier for Canada to export affordable, life-saving, generic medicines to developing countries. It is our best hope for fixing CAMR, but it faces fierce opposition from the pharmaceutical industry and some MPs. Bill C-393 could help thousands of people in developing countries survive — especially children.This is an important humanitarian issue that transcends partisan political differences. All Members of Parliament and all parties should be united in making it work.

The future of CAMR — and the lives it could save — depends on you. Join us in applying pressure on Canadian parliamentarians to support Bill C-393. Download our latest update and urge your local MP and Party Leaders to support the “one-licence solution”.

The time to act is NOW. You can also get more involved by sharing this campaign with your friends and colleagues and help us get the word out. Read the key documents below to find out more about CAMR and why it needs to be reformed through Bill C-393.

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