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IFUW Update

Strength of IFUW Women

This ‘IFUW’ year has seen many tragic events such as the floods in Pakistan and Australia and the earthquakes in New Zealand and Japan. We have lost two strong supporters of the Federation and women’s empowerment and rights, first our Past President Dr Elizabeth May, who was a great mentor to me when I used to represent IFUW at the United Nations in the late 1970s, and more recently Conchita Porcini, after her brave struggle against cancer.

One of the common threads that runs through NFA actions during these natural disasters and the lives of both Elizabeth and Conchita is the strength of IFUW women. It is exemplified in their efforts to help those who have been most seriously affected by these disasters or through their tireless efforts to improve the lives of others not able to speak out for themselves. Conchita, both in her career at the International Labour Organization (ILO) and subsequently in her NGO activities, always showed this type of leadership, particularly at the Human Rights Council, where she would often be the only NGO representative who spoke on issues related to women’s rights.

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International Section

This section of the blog will be devoted to updating CFUW members about the international work of our organization.

CFUW’s international work centres on the International Federation of University Women (IFUW), the United Nations, the Canadian Government’s international participation , and arising global issues.

Upcoming events include the United Nations annual meeting for the Commission on the Status of Women, occurring this March and the latest news on the new UN agency for women, UN Women.

Ardith Toogood, Coordinator for International Relations will be blogging here, stay tuned for more information to come.