A Gender Neutral Gift Guide For Children

Many toys on the market today are extremely gendered and can reinforce gender stereotypes. While some companies are trying to change their products and marketing by offering more gender neutral options, it can still be difficult to navigate the toy aisles. If you’re looking for some gender neutral gift options for the children in your life, particularly this holiday season, we’ve compiled a list of toys that don’t conform to the traditional pink vs. blue, Barbie vs. trucks norms. Hopefully this list helps stimulate further ideas, which we would love to see in the comments section!

Ages 0 – 3

  1. Nighttime Nursery Rhymes: A Bedtime Shadow Book. $11.69. This book contains transparent pictures which you shine a flashlight through to project the images onto the wall as you read to your child. A fun and interactive way to introduce your toddler to classic nursery rhymes.
  2. Radio Flyer Grow ‘N Go Tricycle. $59.99. Every kid loves riding a tricycle, and this trike’s easily adjustable metal frame enables it to grow with them so you can get use out of it for years to come. Also contains a convenient storage bin at the back for toys
  3. LEGO DUPO My First Deluxe Box of Fun. $39.99.  This set makes the perfect introduction to LEGO building fun, with a range of classic and special DUPLO bricks.
  4. Melissa and Doug High Sea Symphony. $29.99. Four easy grasp wooden instruments to help promote fine motor, auditory and creative expression skills.

Ages 4 – 6

  1. Large Standing Easel. $79.95. Let your child explore their artistic side with this versatile standing easel. It features a dry-erase board on one side with a chalkboard on the other. It is equipped with attached cup holders for convenient loading of art mediums.
  2. Electronic Drum Set. $59.99. This electronic drum set includes a smart phone or MP3 player holder, and can connect to your device so kids can play along with their favorite songs.
  3. Goldie Blox. from $19.99- $109.97. Goldie Blox is a book series and construction toys that aim to boost girls’ spatial, engineering, and problem-solving skills. While Goldie Blox’s packaging and accessories are still quite gendered, it is a step in the right direction and is worth a mention.
  4. Pelican Sizzler 36″ Sled. $22.99. For fun in the snow, this sled features maneuverability and precision for a single rider with hand levers that change direction and brake. For kids ages 6 and up.

Ages 7 – 9

  1. Hape Pallina Game. $79.95. A fun game the family can enjoy together that encourages creative problem-solving. The goal is to remove sticks without dropping any of the balls. This will keep kids of all ages entertained.
  2. Easy Bake Ultimate Oven (Black). $54.99. After a girl in New Jersey started a petition asking for an oven that appeals to all kids, Hasbro unveiled a unisex version that shows both girls and boys on the packaging.
  3. Big Bag of Science. $39.99 This kit contains over 60 different experiments in a reusable bag.  Blast off with a soda explosion from a Geyser Tube‚ learn about the science of polymers including giant spheres, growing crystals, and Insta-Snow, learn about acids and bases, or even make your own slime…
  4. Royal  Brush and Langnickel Sketching and Artist Set. $43.31. The beginner art sets have everything you need to start creating what you have always dreamed. This set includes a “how to” guide with step-by-step instructions, teaching you how to apply your new found skills.
  5. Maps. $40.00. This book of maps is a visual feast for readers of all ages, with lavishly drawn illustrations from the incomparable Mizielinskis. It features not only borders, cities, rivers, and peaks, but also places of historical and cultural interest, eminent personalities, iconic animals and plants, cultural events, and many more fascinating facts associated with every region of our planet.

Ages 10 – 12

  1. Little Passports. $131.40 + $20 shipping for 12-month plan.Get your child interested in geography and international cultures, as well as learn about their own, with Little Passports! The first month, your child will receive a fun travel suitcase with a world wall map, passport, activities, and access to more online games. For every subsequent month, they will receive a new adventure letter for a new country to explore.
  2. Apples to Apples Junior. $21.99.Teach your kids to have fun with their friends and family while learning! Apples to Apples Junior is a game of comparisons that will further develop your child’s vocabulary and analytical skills.
  3. Fabric Screen printing Kit. $49.95. If your child is into fashion and design, foster their creativity with this fabric screen printing kit by Mindware. The kit teaches your child the basics of screen printing and various techniques. Your child can make clothes, paper prints, textile art, and more with this gift.
  4. A Class – Give the opportunity to try something new, or perfect a skill to the next level. There’s cooking, music, drawing, pottery for the artistically inclined, rock climbing, acting and more.

Looking for more ideas? Check out this Girl Empowerment Gift Guide from A Mighty Girl.


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