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Canada Needs a National Public Transit Strategy

Public transportation is vital to the economy, environmental sustainability and quality of life in Canada. Yet, Canada is the only G8 Country without a national transit strategy. With  many of Canada’s cities ranking low on the Board of Trade’s annual Scorecard on Prosperity on all transportation issues, and 40% of existing federal investments in municipal public transit set to expire, it is time Canada developed and implemented a comprehensive approach to public transit planning and investment.

Since the early 1990’s CFUW has supported the position that all levels of government should invest in public transportation to ensure frequent, reliable, convenient, affordable and universally accessible services.   This is why CFUW has endorsed Olivia Chow’s Private Member’s Bill C-305, An Act to Establish a National Public Transit Strategy. The Government of Canada can and should take a leadership role in developing a national transit strategy with the participation of provincial, territorial and aboriginal governments. CFUW has called on the Honourable Denis Lebel, Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communities to support this important legislation on September 19,2012 when Bill C-305 is scheduled for a vote in the House of Commons. Join us in supporting Bill C-305 by visiting  to send a letter to your MP and sign a petition.

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