CFUW Joins BlackOutSpeakOut to Protest 2012 Budget Provisions


As our parliament considers a budget bill that would vastly transform our environmental protections in the absence of transparent public discussion, the Canadian Federation of University Women (CFUW) is joining with colleagues across the country to say: Silence is Not an Option.

On June 4th, with over 350 other groups, we will darken our website and send a single, unified message to decision-makers: Protect our Canadian values. Our land, water, and climate. Our communities. Our human rights and democracy.

Send a message now (link to BOSO Action page) to your member of parliament and party leaders.

Visit BlackOutSpeakOut to join the campaign and to access tools to make your voice heard. Speak Out on twitter, facebook, and through your networks. Email or call your MP. And follow #blackoutspeakout during the day for updates and to join the conversation. In this historic Canadian moment, your voice has never been more important.

Thank you for speaking out and for standing up for Canada.

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