International Women’s Day 2012 at UN CSW 56 in New York

CFUW members were greeted yesterday with warm sunshine as a wave of women marched, sang, danced and drummed to celebrate International Women’s Day in New York City outside the United Nations. Bright yellow sashes carried messages of issues for women from Violence Against Women, to Education for Girls, to Non State Torture, to Maternal Rights and many more.

As the work continued on the Agreed Conclusions for the Commission across the street, the women’s voices were not diminishing outside. CFUW and the many other women’s groups we were joined by yesterday at the march, will persist in fighting for the Rights of Women everywhere. The energy and enthusiasm continues to vibrate through the air as we gradually close down the UN Commission on the Status of Women 56.


Susan Russell, CFUW Coordinator for International Relations


Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, New York


Susan Russell and Susan Waller


2 thoughts on “International Women’s Day 2012 at UN CSW 56 in New York

  1. Mrs. Nusrat J. Mirza

    Thank you to all who took the time to be there on such an important occasion as Int’l Women’s Day! I am so glad to be a member of this terrific organization, whereby I feel, I am doing something at least to better the lives of so many of our kind facing enormous challenges for a better life.


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