International Women’s Day – CFUW Events and Activities Across the Country

OTTAWA (March 8, 2012) Each year the Canadian Federation of University Women (CFUW) celebrates International Women’s Day (IWD) to mark the many advancements that have been made towards gender equality in Canada and abroad, but also to recognize the many hurdles we have yet to overcome as women.

“Over the last few years CFUW has developed an International Women’s Day project to encourage our members to raise fund for various programs and projects to help women in developing countries,” said Brenda Wallace CFUW National President. “This year we will be supporting CARE Canada’s programs in the area of maternal and peri-natal health”. For every dollar that a CFUW member donates, the government will match with three additional dollars. In past years, CFUW has supported CARE Canada’s work, and to date, we have collectively raised over $30,000 for various CARE Canada projects that helped women and children around the world. This year we are challenging every member to donate a Toonie. With nearly 10,000 members, we could potentially raise $20,000 this year alone.

For the past 4 years, CFUW has also helped organize a large scale IWD celebration on March 8th at Library and Archives Canada with other international, national and local organizations dedicated to promoting women’s rights and gender equality. This year the event is entitled “I AM A FEMINIST, BUT…”, and will feature the annual Femmy Awards ceremony, a fun skit and video about feminism, as well as the commendation of creative contest winners.

Many of our 112 clubs across the country organize IWD events in their communities, orchestrate flash mobs, raise funds for our charitable trust or our annual international women’s day fundraising project, among other activities. You can see a list of some of the events and activities here. “We are extremely proud of the important contributions our local clubs make to their communities, especially in bringing awareness to women’s rights issues on this day,” said Wallace.

“We are also especially heartened this international women’s day, as Parks Canada has recognized the founding of our organization in 1919 as a national historical event,” said Brenda Wallace CFUW National President. “For almost a century, CFUW has has been advocating for women’s rights and gender equality. Yet, we still have quite a ways to go here in Canada and around the world. In Canada alone, we are still waiting for an end to violence against women, access to affordable child care, and equal representation of women in elected positions, among many other issues. We hope to one day see an end to such inequality, but until then we will continue to work with our allies to advocate for women’s rights around the world”.


For more information, please contact:

Robin Jackson, CFUW Executive Director, at 613-234-8252 ext.102 or


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