CFUW’s position on the Omnibus Crime Bill

CFUW has joined many other organizations in critiquing the recent introduction of an Omnibus Crime bill, also known as the Safe Streets and Communities Act. National President, Brenda Wallace first called on the Public Safety Minister, Vic Toews to involve the province and territories in the decision making process, to ensure that they have a full understanding of the high financial costs this bill may impose on them.

Since then, Vice-President Quebec, Liette Michaud, Vice-President Ontario Myra Willis and Vice-President British Columbia, Susan Murphy have all written to their respective provincial governments to inform them of CFUW’s concerns with the Omnibus bill and to ask that they join the call for the federal government to ensure that provincial and territorial governments:

1) have a clear understanding of the costs attached to each proposed legislative or policy reform in the bill; and

2) can assure Parliament that the expected increase in costs can be accommodated without exceeding 100% capacity of federal and provincial correctional facilities and without increasing our current deficit.


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