Afghan Women at Bonn 2

The rights of Afghan women to education and an equal voice at the bargaining table are essential to a durable peace in Afghanistan.

In a country ravaged by forty years of war, almost everything needs attention.  Clean reliable water sources, health care delivery and a means to escape from the grinding poverty that Afghans are experiencing can only become a reality when the men of Afghanistan recognise the importance for the whole family, of encouraging women and girls to become literate and gain the tools to participate in society on an equal basis with the men.

When the Bonn negotiations open, to chart the way forward, many Afghan women fear that slender gains may be lost in exchange for concessions to the Taliban.  Women need to be at the bargaining table.  They need education and they need access to healthcare as the country enters the next phase.

Read the letter sent by CFUW to Prime Minister Steven Harper regarding the role of Afghan women at the Bonn 2 negotiations.


2 thoughts on “Afghan Women at Bonn 2

  1. Janet E Smith

    I am very proud of the CFUW to have taken up this issue. The women of Afghanistan are in continued danger of taliban resurgence, and in my opinion, only continued, vigilant efforts from around the world will make a serious and lasting difference. This struggle may be one of several decades yet, as the Taliban have a long memory, and wait for their chance to resurface. The larger effect would only be if most men in Afghanistan came to believe that education and rights for women are a necessary and good part of their lives.

  2. Janet E Smith

    Ad addendum to my comment, by “vigilant efforts from around the world” I meant by women and men dedicated to equal rights for women and to education.


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