Listen to Experts, Women’s Groups and the General Public – Keep the Long Gun Registry

OTTAWA, Sept 14, 2011 – As Parliament gets ready to resume next week, the Canadian Federation of University Women (CFUW) calls on the Government of Canada to listen to public safety experts, women’s groups and the general public and keep the long gun registry. “Yesterday was the fifth anniversary of the Dawson College shootings, which is an appropriate time for us to reflect on gun control” said Brenda Wallace CFUW National President. “The evidence is overwhelming. Gun control and the long gun registry in particular, are effective measures for promoting public safety and preventing violence against women. There is no evidence to suggest that weakening gun control will make women safer.”

Most firearm-related deaths in Canada are caused by rifles or shotguns. These are the guns most often used in domestic violence. CFUW, along with other women’s groups and front-line shelter workers, believes that keeping the long gun registry is in the interests of all women – rural and urban. Health and safety experts have also provided evidence that stronger gun laws reduce gun-related death rates. For example, since controls on all firearms were introduced, there has been a 70 per cent decrease in the number of women murdered by firearms.

In 2010 a national survey showed that two-thirds of Canadians supported the long gun registry. Even in rural areas, the number of supporters equaled the number of opponents. Police officers across the country count on the registry, using it upwards of 16,000 times per day, including when intervening in domestic disputes. It assists them in carrying out investigations and aids in the removal of all guns from dangerous people, including violent spouses, enforcing prohibition orders, and taking preventative action.

“If the Government of Canada follows through with its stated plans to abolish the registry when parliament resumes” said Wallace, “they will be going against the evidence, the public, and unjustifiably putting women and children’s lives at risk. It’s clear, Canada needs to do everything it can to stop gun violence and a long-gun registry is part of the solution”.

CFUW is a non-partisan, equality-seeking, self-funded organization of close to 10,000 women graduates and students in 112 Clubs across Canada.


For further information: Robin Jackson, Executive Director, 613-234-8252 ext. 102 or visit see
The Right to Speak, The Responsibility to Act Le droit de parole – le devoir d’agir


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