IFUW Update

Uganda BRPID Project Underway

Girls currently enrolled in the Kibuye Primary School and those out of school are participating in what is called the Bina Roy Energy Briquette Production Club. The project involves training girls to collect waste, such as charcoal dust, banana peels and other organic waste, and to recycle these into energy efficient fuel briquettes.

IFUW Receives Legacy from Alice Paquier, former IFUW
Executive Secretary

IFUW has received a legacy of 15’000 Swiss francs from Alice Paquier (1925-2011), who served as IFUW Executive Secretary from 1974 to1988. In her 14-year tenure, she was highly regarded and appreciated for her contributions, particularly in raising IFUW’s presence at the United Nations and promoting the rights of women and girls throughout her lifetime.

UN Working Group on Ageing: Gaps in Protection of Older Persons

The Second Session of the UN Open-ended Working Group on Ageing met in New York from 1-4 August 2011. Participating Member States and NGOs warned that the quality of life of many older persons is poor in both developed and developing countries, and that unless this is addressed, it will worsen as the numbers of elderly increase.

ILO Adopts New Convention on Domestic Workers

During the 100th session of the International Labour Conference in June 2011, gender was a major part of the discussion on Decent Work, this year’s theme. Most important, the passage of a new International Convention 189 on the Rights of Domestic Workers was a big step forward for women. While domestic workers everywhere face injustice, it is women who suffer the most.

IFUW Website Changes

IFUW’s website is shifting to a new content management system that will make it easier to use and more interactive.

For the full IFUW update visit: IFUW Update August 25, 2011


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