How Much are Women’s Lives Worth? CFUW Dismayed Over Election Proposal to Scrap Gun Registry

OTTAWA, April 20, 2011 – The Canadian Federation of University Women(CFUW) believes that gun control is an important measure to help prevent public violence and in particular, violence against women. Most firearm-related deaths in Canada are caused by rifles or shotguns. These are the guns most used in domestic violence.
The Gun Registry has helped reduce this type of domestic violence and spousal homicide. The number of women murdered with firearms has decreased by 70% since controls on all firearms were first introduced. Women’s groups and front line shelter workers maintain that the interests of all women, rural and urban, are not being served by abolishing the gun registry.
While it has been estimated that the cost to abolish the long gun registry would save between $1.5 and $4 million per year, these costs are dwarfed by those monies incurred as a result of firearm death and injury (estimated at $6.6 billion per year in 1995).
“It would be a backwards step to collapse the gun registry. In fact, we need to be working towards a national strategy that ends violence against women.” said Brenda Wallace, National President of CFUW.

For further information: Robin Jackson, Executive Director, 613-234-8252 ext. 102

Founded in 1919, CFUW is a non-partisan, equality-seeking, self-funded organization of close to 10,000 women graduates and students in 112 Clubs across Canada. For more information, see
The Right to Speak, The Responsibility to Act Le droit de parole – le devoir d”agir

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