100 letters for 100 years of International Women’s Day

This March, Oxfam Canada is celebrating inspiring women who achieve against the odds.

Women like Dr. Bogalech Gebre, who helps other Ethiopian women access health care, avoid female genital mutilation, and protect their daughters from bride abduction.

Or Jeannette Urquilla, whose organization helped lead the campaign to push for a law against femicide in El Salvador.

Or Rosaline Presence, who helps monitor and change the abysmal living conditions that have become the standard for far too many female farm workers in her country.

Let’s make sure that this celebration of a century of women’s achievement doesn’t pass unobserved. We want you to help us mark 100 years of International Women’s Day by writing a letter to the editor of your local newspaper.

Some suggested themes:
A woman who inspires you;
Your wish for women living in developing countries;
Your wish for your daughter, niece, sister, granddaughter, etc.;
The moment at which you became interested in women’s rights;
What we might celebrate on International Women’s Day in the next 100 years.

Click here to send your International Women’s Day letter to the editor.

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