Child care can boost the economy

In the weeks leading up to the 2011 Budget CFUW would like to see  federal investment in a national child care program for families and to strengthen the economy.

Investing in child care provides the greatest economic benefit of all sectors of the Canadian economy:

  • Biggest job creator: investing $1 million in childcare would create 40 jobs: at least 43% more jobs than the next highest industry and four times the number of jobs generated by $1 million in construction spending.
  • Strong economic stimulus: every dollar invested in childcare increases the economy’s output (GDP) by $2.30. This is one of the highest GDP impacts of all major sectors.

Canadian governments have invested considerable amounts in infrastructure and construction industry stimulus during the past year. This study shows that investments in our social infrastructure, and especially in child care are critical and provide a much stronger economic boost.

To read more from our partners at CUPE, click here.


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