Adios – Until We Meet Again!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ardith Toogood – CFUW CIR

CFUW Members after North America Regional Meeting

Brenda Wallace, Muriel Smith and I are booked on the same flight to Toronto, and we do not have to leave the hotel until 11:00 am.  How could I have forgotten to take a photo of the lobby from the top floor?  Lots of time to zip up there on one of the four glass elevators.

Yikes!  There is only a brass railing and a sheet of plexiglass between me and a 20-storey drop to the floor of the lobby.  With feet braced firmly I wrap the camera strap around my wrist and gingerly extend my arm over the edge, snapping the photo and hoping for the best.

Melia Reforma Hotel lobby, viewed from 20th Floor

Memories of the 30th Triennial Conference flood my mind, in no particular order:

  • The excellent job of Mary Hall and Phyllis Scott (CFUW members) chairing the resolutions and plenary sessions
  • Rae Duff’s (NZ) wise guidance on the Canadian resolutions, before and during the Conference
  • Louise Croot’s reading of CFUW and IFUW Past President Linda Souter’s message to the Conference with reflections on her visit to Mexico during her Triennial term of office
  • Cynthia Burek’s (UK) helpful input as a geologist on our CFUW Climate Change resolution
  • Eileen Fegan’s (Ireland) passionate feminism and new way of looking at the concept of Human Rights – drawing me not only to her seminar but to her follow-up workshop
  • Susan Murphy’s 24-hour flight delay in Vancouver – on her birthday!
  • The input from members on the issue of abortion following the Parallel Session on Women’s Health, and the hug from Erandeni Avalos (Mexico), a teacher of Human Rights who whispered emotionally, “You have given me hope!”
  • A Swiss member’s rueful comment: “The Swiss get up early and wake up late!”
  • The wonderfully collaborative work of the CFUW delegation
  • The hours spent with Feri Tabrisi and Heike Mensch (Germany) discussing stoning and other egregious crimes against women in Iran, and plans for IFUW and NFA action on this issue
  • Re-acquaintance with Jackie Shazadi (US), bringing her in on the discussion of the treatment of Iranian women, and recalling her book (“Goldoon and Professor” about her US/Iranian bicultural marriage) that she sent me after our meeting at the first WG-USA AGM in Iowa
  • Phyllis Scott’s (Past CFUW President and IFUW VP) sprained ankle and Sandy Craig’s (husband of Joanne Craig – Canada) injured vertebrae
  • The victim’s of Montezuma’s Revenge (recognized by sudden absence, wan faces or small plates of plain pasta and dry bread)
  • Griselda Kenyon’s (IFUW Past President – UK) comment that Mexico City is her 15th Triennial Conference
  • The beautiful hotel and delicious food
  • The many discussions of serious issues facing women around the globe,the situation of women in the various NFAs, and plans to take action
  • The great fun we have had together

Time to catch a cab to the airport.  Adios, amigas! See you in Istanbul!

Margaret Tait (UK), Mary Hall (Canada), Rae Duff (NZ)

Eileen Fegan, Speaker from Ireland (UBC Graduate)

Cynthia Burek (l) - UK and Nicole Nelson - US, Tellers at Business Meetings

Brenda Wallace (r) with Mexican Friends at Gala Dinner

Ardith Toogood and Jackie Shazadi at the Museum of Anthropology


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