IFUW Business and Ballet

Sunday, August 8, 2010
Ardith Toogood – CFUW CIR

Louise Croot, IFUW President (l) and Marianne Haselgrave (IFUW President Elect 2010 - 2013)

After two days of themed sessions it was back to IFUW Business Session 3 and the voting on the Resolutions and Constitutional Amendments.  This year there were no amendments from the floor since we were voting on the final wording arrived at during the “consensus meeting” on Thursday evening.  The debate was therefore adding information for the delegates’ consideration before casting their votes.

Jan Harvey, IFUW Conference Minuting Secretary

Several CFUW members said that they really liked the consensus method of amending resolutions.

CFUW has 10 votes, based on the number of members in our Federation.  Our voting delegates worked together very collegially.  Marianne Singh-Waraich presented the defence for our Financial Literacy resolution, Susan Murphy for Climate Change and Brenda Wallace

l to r Lois Hunter, Janet Bowes, Marianne Singh-Waraich

for Cluster Munitions.  All three CFUW resolutions were adopted.  Way to go, Marianne, Susan and Brenda!  All of the adopted policy and internal resolutions will be posted on the IFUW website (www.ifuw.org).

The results of appointments to committees were announced and we were proud of the appointment of Marianne Singh-Waraich as a member of the IFUW Resolutions Committee, Marian Ennis as Convener of the Hegg-Hoffet Committee, and Roberta Brooks as IFUW Assistant Treasurer for the next Triennium.

l to r: Roberta Brooks, Carol Hare, Muriel Smith, Sandy Millen

There were parallel sessions offered for those attendees who wished to participate in workshops rather than the business session:
•    “Change is the only Constant” – Tools for Designing and Managing Projects
•    “Use of the Internet and Social Networking as a Tool for Sustaining NFAs”
•    “Mentoring for Academic Women”

Liette Michaud, Margaret Binek

The lunches during the Conference have been delicious:  hot and cold selections from an extensive buffet and a whole table of tempting desserts.  It would be impolite not to sample a taste of all the sweets – would you not agree?  We can always go back to apples and bananas when we return home – at least, that has been our reasoning!

A group photo of all the attendees was taken before the afternoon sessions and offered for sale along with the other professional photographers’ photos that are taken daily.

Phyllis Scott, IFUW VP (l) and Catherine Bell, IFUW Treasurer

Nora Kudrenecky (l) and Marian Ennis at the Hegg-Hoffet Boutique

The Hegg-Hoffet Boutique, managed beautifully by Marian Ennis and volunteer saleswomen including over a dozen CFUW members, is located just outside Revolucion 1 and 2 ( the large meeting rooms) and the area where we have tea, coffee and an array of tea cookies for morning and afternoon breaks. There were items for sale from around the world.  The gold leaf pin donated via Monique’s Boutique at the CFUW AGM in Ottawa was snapped up within minutes! Marian announced that more than $5000.00 has been raised for the Hegg-Hoffet grants for refugee women’s higher education.  Thanks to the CFUW team for all of your work in the Boutique!

Margaret Tait, Griselda Kenyon, Leigh Bradford Ratteree (IFUW Secretary-General), Patricia Galeana

The second and third Plenary Sessions were offered in the afternoon:  2:30 – 4:00 pm and 4:30 – 6:00 pm with our usual Tea Break in between.  At Plenary 2 the IFUW representatives to the UN described their work in Geneva, Paris, Vienna and New York City and at Plenary 3 the attendees gave input for the next IFUW Programme for Action.

Then it was time for many of us to step outside for the first time in a week!  The heavens opened and the rain poured down as usual in late afternoon – it is the rainy season in Mexico! – as we headed under umbrellas to the bus that transported us to the Museo Nacional de Antropologia

Museo Nacional de Antropologia

for a performance by the  Ballet Folklorico de Mexico.  What a thrilling spectacle!  No flash photography was allowed but the bright stage lighting allowed us to take beautiful photos of the swirling, colourful dancers.  The husband of the Mexican woman sitting next to me took videos of the whole performance!
A “Mexican time” supper at 10:30 pm back at the hotel topped off yet another day filled with learning, friendship and fun!

Mexican Folkloric Ballet


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