IFUW Theme Days, Regional Meeting and Found Luggage

Friday – Saturday, August 6 – 7, 2010

Ardith Toogood – CFUW CIR

After the intensity of the opening days of the Triennial Conference, the two days of themed panels, interdisciplinary seminars and workshops provided an equally busy schedule, with a more relaxed pacing for those who did not have the responsibility of presentations.

There were many choices under four main themes:
•         Advancing Women through Lifelong Learning
•         Challenges to Women’s Empowerment in the 21st Century
•         Education for Sustainable Development
•         Towards a Just Society

VP Quebec, Liette Michaud, Position Paper Presenter

Rhea Pretsell, President of CFUW Belleville and District, Position Paper Presenter

We are very proud of the excellent position papers presented by two of our CFUW members.  Liette Michaud of CFUW Montreal South Shore spoke on “Women and the Curriculum: Educational Reform in Quebec, Canada” and Rhea Pretsell of CFUW Belleville on “Sexual Violence as a Weapon of War:  The Case in the Congo.”

Lois Hunter and Joanne Craig served as rapporteurs for two of the sessions, recording the key points and discussion items covered.

I met Jan Harvey from CFUW West Vancouver who is serving as the minuting secretary of the business sessions, and Penny Henricks from CFUW Belleville.

Phyllis Scott still does not have her luggage and so she let me know that she would go out shopping for some outfits.   As I walked into the lounge on Friday evening for an informal and relaxing get-together of the Canadian delegation, she stood up when she saw me approaching and did a pirouette to show off a smart yellow top and pants.  “Oh, you found something!” I exclaimed in admiration.  “No, my luggage has finally arrived,” she said.  “I’ll be changing three times a day to use up all the clothes I packed!” Now when I wear items I lent to Phyllis, people jokingly tease, “Oh, you look great in Phyllis’s suit!”

One of the great pleasures of an international women’s conference is the opportunity for networking and learning.  It never stops.
This year we had a North America Regional Meeting with close to fifty people in attendance.  We had introductions, an outline of what CFUW and WG-USA are doing and some ideas discussed on what to pursue in the coming Triennium.  Mexico elected not to attend as their culture and language fit more closely with Latin America.

Dancers at Mexican Evening

At the Mexican Evening, we enjoyed the traditional music, dance and food of Mexico as we mingled and enjoyed the company of women from around the world.  The evening was topped off by desserts and tequila.

IFUW Treasurer Catherine Bell from Guess Where?


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