IFUW Training Program and Guacamole

Ardith Toogood, CUFW Coordinator for International Relations is blogging  from the IFUW Triennial Conference in Mexico City. For more information on the IFUW click here.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Breakfast, although expensive at $20.00, was delicious and the restaurant on the lower level of the hotel is bright and cheery.  We met a few more of the Canadian delegates – Lois Hunter from BC and Sandy Millen, RD Manitoba were at a nearby table.  The card for Phyllis Scott, celebrating her birthday tomorrow, was passed around and greetings added.

There was an all day training session, Towards a Multigenerational Approach, that ran from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.  Each IFUW affiliate could register up to four members and an unlimited number of young members to talk about membership.  CFUW participants were President Brenda Wallace, CIR Ardith Toogood, Sandy Millen and  Marianne Singh-Waraich who kindly filled in for Susan Murphy.  The session had barely begun when Sandy was summoned to the door.  The tour on which she was booked for the next day had been moved to today!  Bye Sandy – have fun!

The session was dynamic and participatory, sometimes with mixed groupings and sometimes in cohorts: Veterans of Change (1925 – 1965), Boomers ( 1946 – 1964), Generation X (1965 – 1979) and Millennials (1980 – 1999).  The Veterans were the smallest group (Speak up!  We can’t hear!) but the combined Gen X and Millennials the largest.  There will be sessions throughout the conference.

The registration desk is still not open!  First it was to be open at 8:00 am, then noon, then 4:00 pm.  Hey!  Were we not all taught as children:  when in Mexico do as the Mexicans?!

Phyllis’s luggage is still not here.  I invited her to choose whatever she liked from my closet.  She looks a whole lot better in my clothes than I do!  Went to her room to say “Hello” to Roberta Brooks, IFUW Assistant Treasurer and a Past President of CFUW.

Everyone was a bit weary and jet-lagged and since the skies were beginning to cloud over, we decided to try the other restaurant in the hotel.  Zoom – down to the lobby in the glass elevator.  There we met Mary Hall, CFUW member who is IFUW Resolutions Convener and her hubby with Griselda Kenyon, Past President of IFUW – and then Gail Roussy and Margaret Binek just back from touring – and then outside the restaurant Florine Swanson, President of Women Graduates-USA and Board member Janet Heineke – and then Linda Patzold and Grace Stapleton, RD Newfoundland and VP Atlantic.  It was better than a family reunion!

Ahhh – a slow and delicious meal of Spanish cuisine – and bring on some more guacamole!  Then off to our rooms to check Blackberry messages, work on Netbooks and prepare for next day’s agenda  before lights out.


8 thoughts on “IFUW Training Program and Guacamole

  1. Helga McTaggart

    Hi Ardith, your notes are excellent. Wish I could be there. Please say Hi to Roberta, Phyllis, Marianne and Mary Hall from me!
    Wish you a good conference and a pleasant time! Helga

  2. cfuwadvocacy Post author

    Thanks, Helga! I will relay your greetings to the crew. The conference is very stimulating and the networking most uplifting. You are the first person to respond to my blog!

    Best wishes,

  3. Kim Collett

    Hi Ardith. It’s fun to live your Mexico City experiences vicariously from afar! Has the new Board been elected yet? I’ve been looking for posted results and find none. Hi to all.

    1. Ardith Toogood

      Hi Kim,

      The 2010 – 2013 IFUW Board and Committees are all in place and will be posted on our CFUW website just as soon as our web manager can get the International Section stabilized. The posted results should be on the IFUW website soon!

  4. Hi Ardith

    Hi Ardith, I’m enjoying your blogs! Would like to be there. Say hi to Linda P and Grace S from our St. John’s club.

  5. Susan Russell

    Hello Everyone:

    Just keep on trucking and doing what you all do best – networking at the IFUW Meeting and learning all sorts of stuff to bring on home. Best wishes to all of the gang


  6. Jeanne Sarson

    Thanks for the insights Ardith – verbal and photos. I am reading each entry with anticipation and a foward glance as my pennies are being horded as I am going to the next IFUW gathering. Have a productive time!

  7. Anne Harris

    Thank you for this blog – I am unable to attend the conference and this is a great way to stay informed.
    Best wishes to all
    Anne Harris(former CIR, France)


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