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Nellie Home At Last!

And Nellie came home.  CFUW Board member Doris Mae Oulton was part of the the team that brought her back to Manitoba. This scene was photographed outside the Manitoba Legislature.

Nellie McClung was a pioneer on the way to removing the disadvantage of being born a girl in Canada.  She was instrumental in getting the vote for women in Manitoba – the first in Canada and was one of the Famous Five, Nellie McClung made it possible for women to be recognised as persons under the law in Canada in 1929.

Cluster Bombs Update

SANTIAGO, Chile — A global effort to ban cluster bombs has gained the signatures of 106 countries, but 70 more have yet to sign on with only weeks to go before the ban goes into effect on Aug. 1.

The United States is among those refusing to sign. The Pentagon considers cluster bombs to be a key part of its defense strategy.

The Cluster Munition Coalition gathered representatives of more than 100 countries in Chile this week to plot strategy. Only 36 countries have both signed and ratified the convention, which will go into effect nevertheless, two years after it was presented in Norway.

Other countries that haven’t signed on include Brazil, whose foreign relations ministry said Wednesday that the matter remains under consideration.

Chile, a treaty signer, produced and planted thousands of mines in the 1970s, when it was at the point of war with Argentina and felt threatened by Peru. Now it’s trying to clean them up.

Ban Ki Moon in Ottawa

On May 12 Mr. Ban Ki Moon came to Ottawa ahead of the G 8 and G 20 Summits to speak to Prime Minister Harper and others about meeting commitments on Climate Change and the urgency of the issue for the future of the planet.

He also used the time to thank Canadians for their prompt actions in Haiti saying that Canadian aid workers were among the first at the scene and he told us of those colleague lost in the disaster with the collapse of the UN Building. He called several times for Civil Society to keep on advocating and talking to legislators about their concerns.  When asked about reproductive autonomy – he encouraged NGO’s – again to keep up the diallogue and not to walk away.  The issues are too important for us to give up on them.

Child Care Rally & Women’s Choice (May Update)

May was a busy month!

National Office took part in two rallies, the first for Affordable, Quality Childcare on Mother’s Day weekend organized by the Ad-Hoc Coalition for Women’s Equality and Human Rights. Although it was a rainy Saturday, we were joined by CUPE local 2204 ( Child Care Workers,) the local chapter of ACORN Canada, families and Child Care supporters.  Member of Parliament, Olivia Chow gave a great speech about her Child Care bill that is before the House of Commons and wished all of the Mothers and Child Care Workers a Happy Mother’s Day!

Olivia Chow gives a great speech on Parliament Hill on Child Care.

The rally also featured the talent of the women of CUPE 2204 who, with the Raging Grannies, led the protesters in singing satirical Children’s songs written by Claire Tremblay of the Coalition (see one below).

Later in the month National Office attended the pro-choice presence at the annual Anti-Choice Rally on Parliament Hill. While this event was more serious, it was important to show our support for accessible, legal and safe abortion and above all the right for women to choose.

Supporters of Choice.

Check out photos from the rallies here.

(To the Tune of Mary had a Little Lamb)

Harper had a child care scam

Child care scam, child care scam

Harper had a child care scam

Which was against the rules

He gave all families

Three dollars a day, three dollars a day

He gave all families three dollars a day

And said that should do

To pay your child care costs each day

Costs each day, costs each day

To pay your child care costs each day

Harper we’re not fooled!